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Windows users: A stand-alone Windows executable version of ExifTool is available which doesn't require Perl. ExifTool can Read, Write and/or Create files in the following formats. System Requirements. You can find the SN# on the system registry, however, it will be encrypted. The stand-alone Windows executable does not require Perl. Partnership Project a/v (QuickTime-based)R/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 ARUnix static library code Archive----R EXE AARAudible Audiobook----R Audible AAXR/WAudible Enhanced Audiobook (QuickTime-based)R/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 ACRRAmerican College of Radiology ACR-NEMA (DICOM-like)----R DICOM AFM, ACFM, AMFMRAdobe [Composite/Multiple Master] Font Metrics----R Font AI, AITR/WAdobe Illustrator [Template] (PS or PDF)R/W/C5R/W/C5R/W/C6R/W/C5R/W/C PDF PostScript, R Photoshop AIFF, AIF, AIFCRAudio Interchange File Format [Compressed]----R AIFF ID3 APERMonkey's Audio----R APE ID3 ARWR/WSony Alpha RAW (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Sony SonyIDC ASFRMicrosoft Advanced Systems Format--R-R ASF AVIRAudio Video Interleaved (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF BMP, DIBRWindows BitMaP / Device Independent Bitmap----R BMP BPGRBetter Portable GraphicsR-RRR BPG BTFRBigTIFF (64-bit Tagged Image File Format)RRRR- CHMRMicrosoft Compiled HTML format----R EXE COSRCapture One Settings (XML-based)----R XML CR2R/WCanon RAW 2 (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C CanonVRD2, R/W Canon CRW, CIFFR/WCanon RAW Camera Image File Format (CRW spec.)--R/W/C-R/W/C CanonVRD2, R/W CanonRaw CS1R/WSinar CaptureShop 1-shot RAW (PSD-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR Photoshop DCM, DC3, DIC, DICMRDICOM - Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine----R DICOM DCPR/WDNG Camera Profile (DNG-like)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C- DCRRKodak Digital Camera RAW (TIFF-based)RRRR- DFONTRMacintosh Data Fork Font----R Font DIVXRDivX media format (ASF-based)--R-R ASF DJVU, DJVRDjVu image (AIFF-like)--R-R DJVU DNGR/WDigital Negative (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C- DOC, DOTRMicrosoft Word Document/Template (FPX-like)--RRR FlashPix DOCX, DOCMROffice Open XML Document [Macro-enabled]----R XML ZIP DOTX, DOTMROffice Open XML Document Template [Macro-enabled]----R XML ZIP DPXRDigital Picture Exchange----R DPX DR4R/W/C2Canon DPP version 4 Recipe----R/W/C CanonVRD2 DSS, DS2RDigital Speech Standard [2]----R Olympus DYLIBRMac OS X Mach-O executable and library files----R EXE DVRDigital Video----R DV DVBR/WDigital Video Broadcasting (QuickTime-based)R/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 EIPRCapture One Enhanced Image Package (ZIP-based)R---R XML ZIP EPS, EPSF, PSR/W[Encapsulated] PostScript FormatR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C PostScript, R Photoshop EPUBRElectronic Publication (ZIP/XML-based)----R XML ZIP ERFR/WEpson RAW Format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Olympus EXE, DLLRDOS/Windows executable and library files----R EXE EXIFR/W/CExchangable Image File Format metadata (TIFF-based)R/W/C---- EXRROpen EXR (Extended Range)----R OpenEXR EXVR/W/CExiv2 metadata file (JPEG-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CSupported JPEG Meta Information F4A, F4B, F4P, F4VR/WAdobe Flash Player 9 Audio/Video (QuickTime-based)R/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 FFFR/WHasselblad Flexible File Format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C- FFFRFLIR Systems thermal image File Format----R FLIR FLARMacromedia/Adobe Flash project (FPX-like)--RRR FlashPix FLACRFree Lossless Audio Codec----R FLAC ID3 FLIFR/WFree Lossless Image FormatR/W/C-R/W/CR/W/CR FLIF FLVRFlash Video--R-R Flash FPFRFLIR Public image Format----R FLIR FPXRFlashPix image--RRR FlashPix GIFR/WCompuserve Graphics Interchange Format--R/W/CR/W/CR/W/C GIF GZ, GZIPRGNU ZIP compressed archive----R ZIP HDP, WDP, JXRR/WWindows HD Photo / Media Photo / JPEG XR (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C- HDRRRadiance RGBE High Dynamic-Range----R Radiance HTML, HTM, XHTMLR[Extensible] HyperText Markup Language----R HTML ICC, ICMR/W/C1International Color Consortium color profile---R/W/C- ICS, ICALRiCalendar Schedule----R VCalendar IDMLRAdobe InDesign Markup Language (ZIP/XML-based)----R XML ZIP IIQR/WPhase One Intelligent Image Quality RAW (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W PhaseOne IND, INDD, INDTR/WAdobe InDesign Document/Template--R/W/C-- INXRAdobe InDesign Interchange (XML-based)--R-- ISORISO 9660 disk image----R ISO ITCRiTunes Cover Flow artwork----R ITC J2C, JPCRJPEG 2000 codestreamR3R3RRR Jpeg2000 Photoshop3 JP2, JPF, J2K, JPM, JPXR/WJPEG 2000 image [Compound/Extended]R/W/C3R/W/C3R/W/CRR/W/C Jpeg2000, R Photoshop3 JPEG, JPG, JPER/WJoint Photographic Experts Group imageR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CSupported JPEG Meta Information K25RKodak DC25 RAW (TIFF-based)RRRR- KDCRKodak Digital Camera RAW (TIFF-based)RRRRR Kodak KEY, KTHRApple iWork '09 Keynote presentation/Theme----R XML ZIP LARLossless Audio (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF LFP, LFRRLytro Light Field Picture----R Lytro LNKRMicrosoft Shell Link (Windows shortcut)----R LNK M2TS, MTS, M2T, TSRMPEG-2 Transport Stream (used for AVCHD video)----R M2TS H264 M4A, M4B, M4P, M4VR/WMPEG-4 Audio/Video (QuickTime-based)R/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 MEFR/WMamiya (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C- MIER/W/CMeta Information Encapsulation (MIE specification)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C MIE MIFF, MIFRMagick Image File FormatRRRRR MIFF Photoshop MKA, MKV, MKSRMatroska Audio/Video/Subtitle----R Matroska MOBI, AZW, AZW3RMobipocket electronic book (Palm-based)----R Palm MOBI MODDRSony Picture Motion metadata (XML PLIST-based)----R PLIST MOIRMOD Information file----R MOI MOSR/WCreo Leaf Mosaic (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR Leaf MOV, QTR/WApple QuickTime MovieR/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 MP3RMPEG-1 layer 3 audio----R MPEG ID3 APE MP4R/WMotion Picture Experts Group version 4 (QuickTime-based)R/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 MPCRMusepack Audio----R MPC ID3 APE MPEG, MPG, M2VRMotion Picture Experts Group version 1 or 2----R MPEG ID3 MPOR/WExtended Multi-Picture format (JPEG with MPF extensions)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CSupported JPEG Meta Information MQVR/WSony Mobile QuickTime VideoR/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 MRWR/WMinolta RAWR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W MinoltaRaw Minolta MXFRMaterial Exchange Format----R MXF NEFR/WNikon (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Nikon NikonCapture NMBTEMPLATERApple iWork '09 Numbers Template----R XML ZIP NRWR/WNikon RAW (2) (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Nikon NikonCapture NUMBERSRApple iWork '09 Numbers spreadsheet----R XML ZIP ORUnix compiled code Object----R EXE ODB, ODC, ODF, ODG,ODI, ODP, ODS, ODTROpen Document Database/Chart/Formula/Graphics/Image/Presentation/Spreadsheet/Text (ZIP/XML-based)----R XML ZIP OFRROptimFROG audio (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF OGG, OGVROgg bitstream container----R FLAC ID3 Theora Vorbis OPUSROgg Opus audio----R FLAC ID3 Opus Vorbis ORFR/WOlympus RAW Format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Olympus OTFROpen Type Font----R Font PACRLossless Predictive Audio Compression (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF PAGESRApple iWork '09 Pages document----R XML ZIP PCDRKodak Photo CD Image Pac----R PhotoCD PDB, PRCRPalm Database----R Palm PDFR/WAdobe Portable Document FormatR3R3R/W/CR3R/W/C PDF, R Photoshop PEFR/WPentax (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Pentax PFA, PFBRPostScript Font ASCII/Binary----R Font PFMRPrinter Font Metrics----R Font PGFRProgressive Graphics File----R PGF PNG PICT, PCTRApple Picture file---RR PICT Photoshop PLISTRApple Property List (binary and XML formats)----R PLIST PMPRSony DSC-F1 Cyber-Shot image----R Sony PNG, JNG, MNGR/WPortable/JPEG/Multiple-image Network GraphicsR/W/C3R/W/C3R/W/CR/W/CR/W/C PNG PPM, PBM, PGMR/WPortable Pixel/Bit/Gray Map----R PPM, R/W/C Comment PPT, PPS, POTRPowerPoint Presentation/Slideshow/Template (FPX-like)--RRR FlashPix POTX, POTMROffice Open XML Presentation Template [Macro-enabled]----R XML ZIP PPSX, PPSMROffice Open XML Presentation Slideshow [Macro-enabled]----R XML ZIP PPTX, PPTMROffice Open XML Presentation [Macro-enabled]----R XML ZIP PSD, PSBR/WPhotoShop Document / Large DocumentR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR Photoshop PSP, PSPIMAGERPaint Shop ProR---R PSP QTIF, QTI, QIFR/WQuickTime Image FileR/W3R/W3R/W/C-R/W QuickTime4 RARReal Audio----R Real ID3 RAFR/WFujiFilm RAW FormatR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W FujiFilm RAM, RPMRReal Audio/Plug-in Metafile----R Real RARRRAR Archive----R ZIP RAWRKyocera Contax N Digital RAW----R KyoceraRaw RAWR/WPanasonic RAW (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W PanasonicRaw Panasonic RIFF, RIFRResource Interchange File FormatR3-R-R RIFF RM, RV, RMVBRReal Media/Video [Variable Bitrate]----R Real RSRCRMac OS Resource----R RSRC Photoshop PostScript Font RTFRRich Text Format----R RTF RW2R/WPanasonic RAW 2 (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W PanasonicRaw Panasonic RWLR/WLeica RAW (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W PanasonicRaw Panasonic RWZRRawzor compressed imageRRRRR Rawzor SEQRFLIR Systems image Sequence----R FLIR SORUnix ELF executable and Shared Object files----R EXE SR2R/WSony RAW 2 (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Sony SRFRSony RAW Format (TIFF-based)RRRRR Sony SRWR/WSamsung RAW format (TIFF-based)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Samsung SVGRScalable Vector Graphics (XML-based)----R SVG SWFRShockwave Flash--R-R Flash THMR/WCanon Thumbnail (JPEG)R/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CSupported JPEG Meta Information THMXROffice Open XML Theme----R XML ZIP TIFF, TIFR/WTagged Image File FormatR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/C GeoTIFF1, R/W Trailers TTF, TTCRTrue Type Font/Collection----R Font TORRENTRBitTorrent description file----R Torrent VCF, VCARDRVirtual Card----R VCard VOBRVideo Object (MPEG-based)----R MPEG VRDR/W/C2Canon DPP Recipe Data--R/W/C-R/W/C CanonVRD2 VSDRMicrosoft Visio Drawing (FPX-like)--RRR FlashPix WAVRWindows digital audio WAVeform (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF WEBMRGoogle Web Movie (Matroska-based)----R Matroska WEBPRGoogle Web Picture (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF WMA, WMVRWindows Media Audio/Video (ASF-based)--R-R ASF WVRWavePack lossless audio (RIFF-based)R3-R-R RIFF X3FR/WSigma/Foveon RAWR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W/CR/W Sigma, R SigmaRaw XCFRGIMP native image formatRRRRR GIMP XLS, XLTRMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet/Template (FPX-like)--RRR FlashPix XLSX, XLSM, XLSBROffice Open XML Spreadsheet [Macro-enabled/Binary]----R XML ZIP XLTX, XLTMROffice Open XML Spreadsheet Template [Macro-enabled]----R XML ZIP XMPR/W/CExtensible Metadata Platform sidecar file--R/W/C-- ZIPRZIP archive----R ZIP 1 Block write only, 2 Block create only, 3 Non-standard format, 4 Writes only some date/time tags, 5 Only writable for PostScript-format file type, 6 Only writable for PDF-format file type. .. (click here for the SHA1 and MD5 checksums to verify these distribution packages.). Supported JPEG Meta Information. If you manage to figure out what any of it means, send me an e-mail (phil at and I'll add your new discoveries to ExifTool. Information for a given tag name may occur in multiple locations within a single file. Features User Comments Supported File Types System Requirements Running ExifTool Example Output Tag Names Explained Tag Groups Writing Information Writer Limitations Known Problems Security Issues Date/Time Shift Renaming Files Performance ExifTool Library Additional Resources New Discoveries Acknowledgements License Donate Contact Me . US Postal Service5-9 Business Days Shipping Worldwide.. Acknowledgements. (To see this information, run exiftool with the -U option.) In this area, ExifTool is very much a collaborative effort, and development relies heavily on the input from camera owners to help decode new meta information. Read the installation instructions or the README file included in the full distribution for help installing ExifTool. "Insanely great tool with a long learning curve ." - Adobe Forums . 21, 2016. Example Output. For more information about the configuration file, see the sample configuration file included with the ExifTool distribution. For example, the Creative Suite 4 serial numbers begin with a '1' and are twenty-four digits. 5-9 business days for EMS (EMS). I've never seen anything that's in the same ballpark for power." - dpreview forum. 4bf8f11bb1

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